About Us

Gululu – Kcina Maltija, is the only casual diner in St. Julian’s with a full menu of Maltese food. Situated on the waterfront in picturesque St. Julian’s bay we recommend that every visitor to Malta wanting to get a good taste of Maltese food comes round to Gululu at least once. Despite having opened our doors only a few years back we have built a strong reputation with the Maltese too and this is a source of great satisfaction to us.

At Gululu we keep things simple. Our food is homely, our style casual and friendly, and our décor contemporary with a local flavour – no kitsch. Gululu is not a tourist trap. Our prices are moderate and you can literally spend as much or as little as you like. We open our doors at noon and serve food and drink all through the day and evening, so whether it’s for a light lunch, a late afternoon snack of a plate of hobz biz – zejt and a glass of wine, or a fresh fish dinner you’re always welcome.

Gululu is one of the best places on the island to taste favourite local dishes including typical Ftira – Maltese Pizza –  from our traditional wood burning bread oven  with various delicious toppings. Other dishes also include  Mqarrun (baked macaroni), Aljotta (fish soup), Torta tal- Fenek (rabbit pie) . Sit outside on the water’s edge for a snack or light meal and gaze dreamily at the bobbing fishing boats. Enjoy the sea breeze and bustling activity all around.

If you happen to be around on a football night then take a table at the upper level and watch the game on our flat screen TV. We do special menus for groups. Basically we’re easy.

Gululu , always a pleasure.